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Memoirs Made Easy
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Life Story/Biography books - A brief accounting of significant periods and events of your lifeshare the stories of your ‘growing up’ years, your important moments as an adult, and what you've learned & valued over the years.  Another important aspect covered in this genre is your recollection of your own parents and grandparents. If you’ve ever been curious about your grandparents, what they were like and how they lived, think of how important this information would be to pass down to your family---as they will one day share the same curiosity about you.

Memoirs A more detailed and lengthy retelling of a significant period of your life. Many memoirs focus on one time period or occurrence but covering your whole life is also an option.

Kitchen Memoir ---A delicious alternative to the regular Biography...Think of this genre as “Foods as a Family History” Remember the foods you grew up cooking (or just eating!)---the ones that your family adores? The Kitchen Memoir is the perfect way to gather a collection of beloved family meal stories and the recipes that accompany them! Envision telling the story of typical Sunday dinners or special holiday meals & the foods and recipes that were part of it all! Details can also include what foods were the favorites of various family members! Now is the time to document and pass along those recipes (and favorite family food stories) before they are forgotten! The Kitchen Memoir is not just a fun trip down memory lane for you, but also makes a very special (and unique) gift to family members

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