In addition to providing you with life-writing instruction, I  also provide knowledgeable & precise guidance regarding what should be included in the various genres that you may choose from below.  I also offer additional  service options that include assistance with professional copy-editing, photo editing, video-clip taping/editing and inclusion in your book...(imagine including a video segment of yourself telling a story from your book or demonstrating how to cook a favorite family recipe - your family will be thrilled!)...and my service options even include walking you through the various printing options available, handling the printing of your book and even delivering the final copy to you! 

¨              Biography / ’Life Story’ - Writing Workshops –
  Can accommodate small and large class groups
  (8-25 participants) and Individual classes are 
  also available upon request 

 Memoirs – For individuals who wish to work 
one-on-one with Bridget on a more lengthy 
and detailed project

¨           Kitchen Memoirs – Usually taught in a class/workshop            setting (8-25 participants) - Individual classes are 
  also available upon request

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